We use the material to create, the ideas to make the future shine.

There are 4 pillars on which Talenti leans its whole world on.


You have a talent when you have an urgency of expression that meets a strong inclination, an ability to be yourself, imagine and achieve. Talent’s universe is built around people, men and women, who bring their talent to the company to make it shine. To put together the design, the production, the warehouse, the administrative office, there are people who have a light inside and who are here to take it out.


Rather than being a Company, Talenti is a family.

Those who work with the company become part of a family in which the work relationship is not reduced to the execution of tasks but includes respect and responsibility for the work of the others, shared successes in a personal commitment without which we could not have achieved the great results of these years.

Behind important business results there are solid and sincere bonds that make Talenti a company made of people. Thanks to this thought, Talenti manages to conceive and create furnishings that come to life and become pieces of stories that are used by other people.


Always looking forward is an attitude, a philosophy, a challenge.

Talenti loves discovering trends, taming materials, working on the design to meet the needs of those who will use those chairs, those tables, those furnishing accessories. Research and experimentation are the motivation to always find new solutions and thus improve the comfort, resistance and usability, to try and apply materials and finishes that combined together become original, full of charm and increasingly functional.

Italian Elegance

Exclusive. Talenti’s products are exclusive; they bear the signature of designers who share with the company the idea and inspiration for the creativity and the predisposition to elegance. It is an all-Italian elegance that speaks a refined language of outdoor furniture.

Thanks to clean and well-studied lines, Talenti’s furniture meets the minimal style with sophisticated taste, making this unusual union natural. Original, always capable of surprising, Talenti’s furniture never disappoints the expectations, just like every Italian product worthy of this name.