Open-air Emotions

Talenti designs and produces outdoor furniture: seats, tables and accessories that come alive thanks to talented men and women and internationally renowned designers.
They are ambitious people who have something in their mind that does not yet exist, original minds and tools that forge a piece of furniture made of details, that carefully choose materials and finishes, study spaces, offer collections in which people can recognize themselves. Beautiful and functional furnishings, practical and pleasant space to live in, that pass the test of time and turn any outdoor space into the set of the life, in the place of the small and big experiences.
Talenti: open air emotions!



Talenti by name and by nature

Talenti history starts in 2004 with Fabrizio Cameli who, after spending some years in the old family marble company, decides to create his own reality in the production of outdoor furniture.



Talenti chose famous designers to redesign the rules of the outdoor living.


Materials and Maintenance

Strong materials, resistant to UV rays, performing in the face of sudden changes in temperature, resist water or fire.